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Last Added Restaurants

Sansotei Ramen 153 Bank St, Ottawa, ON (613) 695-1718

Sansotei is a Canadian brand specializing in authentic Tonkotsu Ramen taking our inspiration from the Kyushu and Hokkaido regions of Japan. We source the highest quality products and ingredients both locally and direct from Japanese suppliers. Sansotei was founded in Toronto in 2012, with our first location in the heart of the city. Since then the passion and creativity that we bring to our craft has been well received by a broad clientèle, both critics and foodies alike.

Service: Takeout,

Cuisine: Canadian, 

Thali 136 O'Connor St, Ottawa, ON K2P 2G7 (613) 594-4545

Coconut Lagoon’s chefs will be offering Ottawa customers a unique and appetizing meal option that continues their tradition of fresh, delicious food – that will also be seasonal. At Thali, the restaurant, the entire meal will be served on a round plate, or Thali – the Indian word for this platter. It will have small bowls – or “khatoris” – with vegetables, curries, and milk products, as well as rice, pulses, bread and a dessert. Other side dishes may include chutneys and salads.

Service: Delivery, Takeout,

Cuisine: Canadian, 

Joe Thottungal

Fauna 425 Bank St, Ottawa, ON K2P 1Y7 (613) 563-2862

We like to have fun in the kitchen. We serve both small and full sized plates so you can try more than one dish. We use local ingredients wherever possible. We’re inspired by where we live, places we’ve been and things we’d like to do.

Service: Reservation,

Cuisine: Canadian, 

Jon Svazas


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Jon Svazas

Chef/Owner at Fauna

Joe Thottungal

Chef at Thali